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How to Be a Fat Bitch ECourse #2: Reclaiming the Word Fat

Over 250 people have registered so far! Which is freaking amazing. Make sure you check everyone out on the register page. There are some kick ass blogs on there and I am starting to develop some serious crushes. I am working on interview ideas so we can get to know some of you even more in the coming months!

I will be sharing a lesson weekly that you can use to work towards loving your fat body, living a fierce life and feeling confident. This ECourse is about fat acceptance, activism and fatshion. You can watch the vlog and read along and then you will be given an assignment and an opportunity to discuss it with me and other readers. You will also be prompted with some discussion questions. There will be room for all levels of body positive advocates to participate. This will be a chance to focus in on a specific aspect of fat acceptance and fatshion so that you can integrate it into your life and be a fat bitch too! Assignments don't have a due date and feel free to navigate at your own pace. This ECourse is free and can be done at any time! Click here to register.

A fat bitch is confident, out-spoken and proud of who she is. The word bitch has been used by feminists as a way to reclaim an insult used to demean our cause. Let's get started!

Describing myself as fat is empowering. I am saying that I know who I am, I know what my body looks like and what it is. I am fat. Fat is not a negative word to me. It has become my identity and it is an accurate and truthful description - a neutral description (like tall, brunette, freckly or brown-eyed). It not about putting a pretty bow on what I know or sugarcoating or hiding behind words like curvy or big. I also refuse to be called overweight or obese. That buys into the BMI bullshit and that my weight is an indication of health. Because I don't have extra weight and am not over a predetermined body size.

Everyone, regardless of size or shape, should be free from oppression and treated with respect. The fact that I am fat doesn't determine my worth or how I should live my life. I deserve to be able to use a word that doesn't indicate any negative connotations or euphemisms - again a neutral description. The word fat needs to be separated from the assumption that someone is unkempt, lazy or less-than. That is a meaning that was taught to us and reinforced so money can be made and bigotry could be justified.

There is a fat movement of fantastic and inspiring women. I am proud to be part of that movement. Fat is a badge we wear proudly! We have fat fashion, fat blogs, fat activism, fat art, fat books, literally everything you can think of that creates a space for fat people. Fat is a feminist word. It has been reclaimed and transformed from an insult and description of someone that is undesirable. Like a greedy politician or even a bad day. It's our word now and we should use it! Make a presence and political statement that can't be ignored and maybe even make people a little uncomfortable. I am totally okay with that. Because I love the word fat. It gives me strength and courage. Such a simple 3 letter word. We have fat or adipose tissue. We are fat and we wear fierce clothes, have great sex, do amazing things like run marathons, win Olympic medals, raise children, run businesses, write books, become famous and the possibilities are endless.

I don't go around calling people fat to their faces. When I call someone fat, it is in the context that I am admiring them. Like "Look at all the awesome fatties doing back up vocals for Beyonce! They should show them more! They should be the ones dancing with her too...". When I meet someone, I sort of wait for them to use the word in a non-degrading way. Then we high five and do the secret handshake. It is like a secret not-so-secret club.

It is quite possible that you are not comfortable with using the word fat. Even as small children, we knew the word fat. Santa was fat, our neighbor was fat, mom was fat but she didn't like using that word and there was fat to be sliced off the pot roast. We got a little older and girls at school start using the word to defame their competition and we knew that Sir Mixalot liked his ladies to have plenty on their asses. As teenagers, we learned tricks to avoid it and questioned our friends if we looked fat, waiting for confirmation that we indeed had not fallen victim. It was a word we whispered when it wasn't being hurtfully shouted. It was a dirty word.

Even now, with fat acceptance being in the news and there being so much positive use of the word, some still don't like it. Maybe the word is still dirty to them. Maybe they are still carrying around years of shame and guilt and the word fat brings it to the surface. I assume that most of you already call yourself fat. If you don't, maybe just consider why and see if you can remove some of those obstacles. Saying your fat is just saying you have more visible fat than a thin person does. Calling someone fat is only body shaming when you think being fat is shameful.

Maybe, it's just easier to say we are all humans and why label ourselves?

So why do we need to label ourselves and use the word fat? Because of all the reasons I said before. It is an empowering word. When someone tries to say you are fat to hurt your feelings, you can respond with "Yes I am fat!" instead of going home to cry because someone called you fat. And because it is way more easier to be confident in our fat bodies when we are being honest. I don't want to use a word that glamorizes or disguises what I look like, minimizing my size and making my experiences invalid. I also don't want to say that my body is better than someone else's. We all have fat in different places and different amounts of it. But the beauty of the word fat is that we can all stand behind it.

If you haven't already, learn to love the word fat. It will be a important part of loving yourself. If you can accept and love the word fat, then you can stop hating and fighting your body.

Reclaim the word fat and do something amazing with it. Make art, take photos of yourself with fat written on you, bake a cake with fat written in frosting, etc. I can't wait to see what you do! Blog it, Instagram it, Tweet it (#fatbitchecourse, #nearsightedowl), etc. and share it in the comments below.

What do you love most about the word fat? How has the word fat evolved for you?

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- Rachele
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